Anatoliy Kashkin

Mobile, desktop, web developer

About me

I'm tk. Also tkashkin if "tk" is too short to use as a nickname. :)

I'm 23 years old. I live in Russia.

I develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS. It's my main job now.

I also work on different things in my free time.


I have a few open-source projects which I maintain in my free time.

I have made a couple of GTK+ desktop apps for Linux.

Some of them are available in elementary OS AppCenter.

I also have older projects, which I don't actively maintain now, but fix reported issues occasionally.

I also occasionally contribute to some open-source projects.

In last few years I have started many projects which have died or weren't worth uploading on Github.

I have also made a few job-related Android and iOS applications which I can't list here.